November 9, 2009


Seeing London for the first time made me wish my full-time job was location sketching. The city just draws itself. Here are some sketchbook pages so far, fountain pen and ink wash mainly, more to come.


Alexis said...

ohmanohmanohman this is what its all about! i love your sketches sooo much.

Paul Hamblin said...

love the feel of these, makes me jealous you got to be there.

非凡 said...

I'm appreciate your writing skill.Please keep on working hard.^^

Anna Topuriya said...

I too appreciate your writing skills

Chad said...

OWEN I hope you are having the best time ever in London, and taking care of my Amy.

I am so so so impressed with the manner in which your work has evolved in the years since I've known you. I am really excited to see more of London's influence in your art while you are there.

You should take a stroll through Hyde Park...I'm sure you'll find some interesting things to sketch. The Serpentine is very scenic, in an urban oasis sort of way. :)

lauren towner said...

Ah I had no idea you were going to London! Its a great place for artists the mix of old and new from different style periods and the architecture is phanominal!

I hope you enjoy every minute of it, dont forget to check out some of the museums too especially the British museum for all the cool statues! . . . damn it now i want to go drawing in london again!

girlforsale said...

One word (which isn't really a word)
: WOW.