August 30, 2011

Washington Post: August Medical Mystery

Washington Post: August Medical Mystery
For the past few months I've been illustrating an ongoing "Medical Mysteries" column by Sandra G. Boodman in the Washington Post's Health & Science section. This month's piece, follows a newborn whose unusual delays in development elude doctors and specialists for years until an unlikely genetic cause is discovered. Below are the thumbnails and sketches, the challenge being how to distill down both the symptoms and the culprit comfortably in the composition while still retaining the uncertainty of the story. Art Direction by Brad Walters.
Washington Post: August Medical Mystery Process


Finn Clark said...

Amazing work on this, and the last few posts. Your sketchbook stuff is really inspiring!

INNA said...

!!!This is the best blog ever!!!! wauw amazing!

Saddiq Younus said...
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