May 21, 2015

The Atlantic: Death and Mr. Pickwick

An illustration for The Atlantic review of Stephen Jarvis’s novel Death and Mr. Pickwick. A stark retelling of the circumstances connecting illustrator Robert Seymour and an ambitious 24 year old Charles Dickens, leading to a unprecedented fame for one and suicide for the other. Sketches for variations on the idea below, much thanks to AD Lauren Giordano for her faith in the unconventional  under-painting idea.


Stephen Jarvis said...

Hi- As the author of Death and Mr Pickwick, I wanted to say that I loved your illustration. Best wishes Stephen Jarvis

Stephen Jarvis said...

Nice to see your comment, Ayumi. If you get time, do take a look at the novel's facebook page Best wishes Stephen

phil lighbothe said...

Interesting. A lot of illustration essays only here!