August 30, 2011

Washington Post: August Medical Mystery

Washington Post: August Medical Mystery
For the past few months I've been illustrating an ongoing "Medical Mysteries" column by Sandra G. Boodman in the Washington Post's Health & Science section. This month's piece, follows a newborn whose unusual delays in development elude doctors and specialists for years until an unlikely genetic cause is discovered. Below are the thumbnails and sketches, the challenge being how to distill down both the symptoms and the culprit comfortably in the composition while still retaining the uncertainty of the story. Art Direction by Brad Walters.
Washington Post: August Medical Mystery Process

August 17, 2011

Boston Globe: "This Beautiful Life"

Boston Globe "This Beautiful Life" illustration
Here is a small illustration I did for last weekend's Boston Globe Book Review of the novel "This Beautiful Life" by Helen Schulman.  The review traces the path of a family newly transplanted by the father's career into an affluent Manhattan lifestyle, and crisis that emerges against the unfamiliar upper-class backdrop.  Below are the rough ballpoint thumbnail ideas and then the more legible sketches that were submitted.  Art Direction by Jane Martin.
Boston Globe "This Beautiful Life" sketches

August 12, 2011

July Sketchbook

France_Moleskine01 France_Moleskine02 2011_05_17_notebook01 2011_07_27_Notebook02 2011_08_03_Notebook01
Above are some sketchbook pages from the past couple months.  Additionally the original 5"x7" painting below is for sale through Gallery Nucleus' "Power in Numbers" show with all proceeds going to UNICEF.

August 8, 2011

Ten Thousand Saints

"Ten Thousand Saints" LA Times Book Review Illustration
Illustration and idea sketches for the LA Times book review of the novel "Ten Thousand Saints" by Elanor Henderson.  Art Direction by Judith Pryor.
"Ten Thousand Saints" LA Times Book Review sketches