January 31, 2012

Washington Post: Dravet Syndrome

Washington Post: Dravet Syndrome
The January installment of the Medical Mystery column in The Washington Post is on stands today. The story is about an infant in Centerville Iowa that began to exhibit severe seizures shortly after being vaccinated at six months. As the baby developed, the seizures became so severe that she was placed in a medically induced coma for a short period, and medevac'd to nearby Des Moines or Iowa City hospitals multiple times. Ten years later she was finally diagnosed with severe mycolonic epilepsy of infancy, known as Dravet Syndrome, an inherited genetic mutation and completely unrelated to the vaccination. The sketches below were interesting to work on because of the amount of travel that takes place in the story, but ultimately we opted to go with the intensive care scene, since it touched on both the severity and inexplicability of the situation. Art Direction by Brad Walters.
 Washington Post: Dravet Syndrome

January 20, 2012

Washington Post: FMD

Washington Post: FMD Illustration
Above is one of the finished illustration from the Washington Post Medical Mysteries series I had missed posting last year. This particular piece was about an young woman whose undiagnosed Fibromuscular dysplasia led to years of dizziness, chronic headaches, vertigo and dangerously high blood pressure before finally being diagnosed as the cause. The sketches below were roughly based on the idea of her athletic marathon running life colliding with the physical effects of the disease, and ways the internal symptoms of hypertension and vertigo might be expressed in an externalized, two-dimensional way. Art Direction by Brad Walters.
Washington Post: FMD Sketches