November 29, 2010

Kind of Blue

Here is a piece from yesterday's Los Angeles Times book review of Miles Corwin's latest novel "Kind of Blue."  The book centers around the reinstatement of the main character, an unusually keen and obsessive officer, to the LAPD to solve a high profile murder.  The thumbnails and sketches below were a inspired by the character's lone-wolf mentality against the backdrop of LA.  Much thanks to Judy Pryor for the call.



Kali Ciesemier said...

Great colors, you wouldn't think bright greens and yellows could look ominous, but they do! I love the shadows on the man's face.

J said...

Really lovely painting. It's very sharp, yet it looks so arty, if that makes sense? Nice colours.

Unknown said...

Love the sun-soaked LA crime scene!