April 27, 2011

Communication Arts 52

Communication Arts 52 Cover
This year's Communication Arts Illustration Annual comes out this week, and I'm very honored to have had my illustration, "Visiting," chosen for the cover.  My Burroughs covers were also included in the books section.  The CA Annuals have been sources of great inspiration to me since way before I began actually working as an illustrator, and it's a tremendous thrill to be included alongside such a consistently excellent group of illustrators.  (Art direction thanks to Melissa Bluey for The Atlantic and Jo Walker at Harper Collins.)
Communication Arts 52 p116 + p117


Thomas Amador said...

Owen, I'm so excited for you! I cannot wait to get my copy.


Samantha said...

Congratulations, Owen! It looks fantastic!

Matt E Wood said...

I have never been happier for you (and I have been pret-ty happy for you before).
Congratulations, Owen - you earned it!

BTillustration said...

That is pretty incredible. (Both your work and the fact you got the cover.)


Unknown said...

Congrats Owen! You deserve everything that comes your way.