June 15, 2011

Medical Mysteries

Washington Post Medical Mysteries: June
Over the past couple months I've been illustrating the Medical Mysteries column for the Washington Post Health page.  The articles are on real-life cases where symptoms and conditions lead to unexpected revelations with some false-leads along the way.  From an illustration standpoint it's been an interesting challenge to try to distill the long-term situations into a single dramatic reenactment that contain the condition, the suspects and the culprit, all without giving too much of the ending away.  The June mystery (out yesterday) is about a man who's was repeatedly admitted to the hospital after suffering serious symptoms of liver cirrhosis and diabetes; below are the rough thumbnail ideas and then the sketches which lead to the finish above.
Washington Post Medical Mysteries: June Process
The second illustration below was for the May Medical Mystery about a wedding photographer suffering from a debilitating skin condition and potential culprits from her daily life.  Art Directed by the always great Brad Walters.
Washington Post Medical Mysteries: May Process
Washington Post Medical Mysteries: May


Pietro Marano said...

These are fantastic i think you should make a comic book in this style with both your rough quick drawings and the highly detailed finished ones. You capture such a great mood in them, they really speak and capture the scene.

Matt E Wood said...

You are awesome.