November 28, 2012

The New York Times: Is This the End?

New York Times Sunday Review: The End
Last week I illustrated my first Sunday Review cover for the New York Times. The opinion piece by James Atlas touched upon aspects of changing coastlines and vanishing civilizations throughout history and up through present day. Erich Nagler, Art Director for the Sunday Review, proposed an underwater Antlantis-type view of New York City, which I started in the sketches below, ultimately adding in a bit more sea life and light to the adjusted Statue of Liberty scene.
New York Times Sunday Review: The End sketches
It was a pleasure to get to share the paper with so many great illustrations in the Sunday paper, and an additional surprise to see it cited by Brian Williams on NBC Nightly News the following day.

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New York Times Sunday Review: The End print


Unknown said...

Congratulations, Owen! Well done.

Chris Krupa said...

A fantastic depiction, surreal, great balance of light and scale. Well done